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The first trial of Sanke pump&valve through the standardization of safety production

The first trial of Sanke pump&valve through the standardization of safety production

The first trial of Sanke pump&valve through the standardization of safety production

In August 31st, the first evaluation of safety production standardization of SNEM, Sanke pump and valve was finished, and the qualified standard was successfully achieved.
The review was conducted by 3 safety experts from the safety supervision department. Experts have given full recognition to the safety situation of Sanke pumps and valves, and require enterprises to maintain their existing results and improve them continuously. At the same time, experts also pointed out some deficiencies and improvements which should be improved according to the enterprise situation. Enterprises will actively improve according to the corresponding opinions.
Previously, the three branch pump valve has been in the stage of infrastructure construction and equipment commissioning. At the beginning of 2017, the company gradually completed the acceptance procedures of construction, environmental protection, fire protection, safety and so on. At present, the company has fully carried out orderly operation and production.
With the advantages of high end metal material casting technology, the Sanke pump valves have established a wide range of cooperative relations with the major suppliers of nuclear power pumps at home and abroad, and the current business growth trend is obvious. Especially in super double phase stainless steel (such as ASTM 890 5A), the company has completed the technological breakthrough of the hydraulic components of large products (impeller and diversion shell), and propelled fast to small batch production. Judging from the current situation, the Sanke pump & valve to complete the board of directors issued early business indicators confident!